Here’s how ‘Rajasthali’ is promoting craftsmen and rich heritage of Rajasthan!

Rajasthali Handicraft Emporium“All these trust to their hands,
And everyone is wise in his work,
Without these cannot a city be inhabited,” – Ecclesiasticus.

The hand of a craftsman engaged in his craft is always pure. Handicrafts train the mind and the hands. You cannot use the creativity, because the more you use it, the more you have. They say art is not what you see, but you make others see. The work of art is a scream of freedom. Rajasthan government to provide its local handicraft workers and craftsman is giving them a platform, where not only will they be able to showcase their art but will also be able to get their much deserved attention and appreciation.

Rajasthali, Rajasthan state government’s flagship store is giving the artists a platform to showcase their handicraft work and spread the Rajasthan’s tradition. Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation Ltd (RSIC) has joined hands with none other than the popular international fashion designer Bibi Russell. The former international model and now fashion designer, Bibi Russell hails from Bangladesh and has established her name in the industry with some very impressive collections.

This is not the first time Bibi Russell would be working with the local artists of Rajasthan. Through ‘Rajasthali’ the designer once worked excellently during the Rajasthan Diwas 2016. She then, had not only designed the amazing colourful collections but also appreciated Rajasthan state government’s move towards popularising the state’s tradition with the help of local handicraft artists. In an interview, she had said, “I have always been fascinated by the vibrancy of arts and crafts of Rajasthan. I feel bad that the store is not doing well. I recall, way back I once wore the ghagra choli that my parents bought from Rajasthali, for a college party, with lots of jewellery and everyone raved about it. Little did I know that one day I would be working on reinventing Rajasthali. This would be my tribute to the Rajasthan government that I work with”.

She further added, “I returned to Bangladesh in 1994 and since have worked on Fashion for Development for my label. My rickshaw art is very popular with expatriates. But in Rajasthali, I will introduce the `Truck Art’ which I experimented on the `Jootis’ for my fashion show. My team of village women are already waiting for my go ahead for the next lot of accessories that I will order once Rajasthali is launched. So with every purchase you make at `Rajasthali’, remember you would be contributing to the development and promotion weavers and crafts persons besides taking back souvenirs reminiscent of the rich heritage of Rajasthan”.

This step by the Rajasthan state government under the leadership of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje is seen as a complete makeover of the local artists and their recognition on an international level. This would by Bibi Russell’s first store in India.

Art is certainly the last form of magic that exists.

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