The doctors successfully conducted heart transplant surgery.

City’s doctors created history by conducting  state’s first heart and lung transplant. To add to the phenomenal  success, it also became the first center in northern India to do the challenging surgery.

A 27 year old man was declared brain-dead, owing to which his family decided to donate his organs for those in need.  A 27-year old man had given a new lease of life to the four lives-in-danger.The man’s vital organs- heart and lungs, liver and two kidneys were transplanted into four patients to give them new lives.  All the four patients were oscillating between  life and death due to multiple organ-failures.

The transplant was conducted at the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital on Monday.” It is the first heart and lungs transplant in the northern India,” said Dr M L Swarnkar, chairman of Mahatma Gandhi Hospital.

 The liver was sent to a Gurgaon hospital for transplant. The hospital successfully created green corridor with the help of traffic police for transportation of the liver from Jaipur to Gurgaon.


One of his kidneys was transplanted into a patient in Sawai Man Singh Hospital while another kidney was transplanted into a patient in Mahatma Gandhi hospital.

“The patient, who received heart and lungs, was suffering from congenital heart disease, which means it was present from birth. It was not a disease like hole in heart but he was suffering from complex heart disease. Because of the congenital heart disease, his lungs and heart became severely dysfunctional. It was affecting his daily activities. The transplant was extremely challenging. The patient was suffering from Eisenmenger’s syndrome,” Dr MA Chisti, heart surgeon, MGH, performed the transplant said.

Chisti added,”We were waiting for a donor for the patient for heart and lungs transplant, who have good heart. His size of heart and blood group should match with the recipient. Now, we got the donor who has all such things matching with the recipient that made the transplant possible.”

Heart and lung transplant is still a rare surgery in India. Only a handful centres in South India including Chennai are doing it.Moreover, Maharashtra had recently performed its first heart and lung transplant in September.

It’s heartening to hear such life-saving  stories.  A lot of inspiration can be driven from the individual donor and his family who gave his assent to donate organs to the needy. There have been many such cases of Survival-by- chance due to the large-heartedness and thoughtfulness of a few stellar human-beings. Not only does the donor receive good wishes from the receiver but also fills his/her fortune with immense prosperity and future well-being.