Touching story: Parents of a 17-year old girl declared brain-dead donate organs. Must Read!

‘When humanity surpasses all levels of selfishness, magic occurs.’

Several organs of a 17-year-old girl who was declared brain-dead were donated by her parents to those in need.

“The girl’s heart has been sent to Fortis hospital in Mumbai for a needy patient there, while one of her kidneys has been given to a patient here at the Mahatma Gandhi hospital. Her second kidney and liver would be transplanted to two other patients at SMS hospital,” D S Meena, Superintendent, SMS hospital, said.

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Deepti’s chances of survival are slim: Doctors

Deepti Gupta had gone on a school trip to Gogamedi in Hamumangarh. Whilst Deepti was boarded on the bus, it was hit by a truck on July 28, after which she was admitted to the SMS hospital, where she was in a very critical situation.

Deepti was an academically bright student of Class XII at a private school in Bharatpur.

organ donation

Donating their precious daughter’s organ was a brave step by the parents!

Brave Decision by Deepti’s Parents

Deepti’s parents did not take an impulsive decision. They consulted NGOs and had a discussion with several doctors, after which they decided to take the big step of donated their daughter’s organs.

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“When we admitted her to the hospital, a team of doctors said she had sustained grave injuries and had minimal chances. An NGO named MFJCF Navjeevan Samooh and the doctors convinced us of donating her organs. After she was declared brain dead, I had a word with my wife and we both decided to go for it,” said Anil Kumar Gupta, the girl’s father, owner of a medical shop in Bharatpur.

While talking about the girl’s organs saving other lives, Anil said, ” We have lost our daughter, if some one else’s life is saved it will be good.”

Deepti’s father prayed for a speedy recovery for all others who have been given Deepti’s organs. He said he will see his daughter in every one of them who have been benefitted by Deepti’s organs.

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