Success story Rajasthan: Old age pension under Bhamashah Yojna

There is another success from Ajmer district of Rajasthan. The people from Srinagar Panchayat Samiti have taken benefits from the Bhamashah yojna. One of such beneficiary is Sundari Devi of Dev Dungri village. She is an old lady who has not been getting pension. But this Bhamashah yojna really helped her.

Success story Rajasthan

Sundari Devi

District collector of Ajmer Shri Gaurav Goyal informed that Sundari Devi of Dev Dungri was not receiving pension on the time. But, now she receives her pension on time via Money order. She faces no challenge in getting money which she was there earlier. In fact, she had to borrow money for her livelihood. Bhamashah yojna proved to be very useful to her. She also got Bhamashah card.

She is enjoying other benefits of this card. Like, this Bhamashah card is linked to Bank account. Hence, the procedure of getting pension has eased a lot. She can directly receive money which is deposited by government in her bank account.

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