A woman gang raped and tattooed wit profanities by husband and in-laws over dowry in Raj

This is the shocking yet sad incident of the Alwar district of Rajasthan where an innocent woman was gang raped and was later tattooed with some profanities. The people who did this to her were no strangers but her own husband and in-laws. The police said that the culprits gang raped her and the tattooed some vulgar words on her hand and forehead because she and her parents did not fulfil their demands of dowry.

Police further informed that the victim got married to Jagannath who is a resident of Reni Village in Alwar. Since their marriage in January 2015, the husband and his family started abusing and bashing the girl to get them more dowries. This time her husband and in-laws bashed her to get them a dowry of approx50000 rupees.

“Her husband and brothers-in-law allegedly raped her and tattooed profanities on her forehead which her parents later made an attempt to get removed,” a police official said.
“An FIR has been registered under sections of 498-A (Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act), 376 (punishment for rape)and 406 (punishment for criminal breach of trust) of IPC and an investigation in the case has been initiated,” he said.