Radheshyam Garg, the Chairman of RSS Dholpur has been given a new responsibility. He has been appointed as head of Rajasthan Public Service Commission. Before Mr. Garg, advocate Shyam Sundar Sharma was chairman. It is a proud moment for Agarwal community as this is first time that any Agarwal has been this position.

Now, he has been relieved from the position of RSS. But he will not be holding this position for long. The maximum age to hold this position of RPSC head is 62 years. As Mr. Garg will turn 62 on 2 May, 2018 so he will be retired from this position. So, he will hold the office till 135 days.

Rajasthan Public Service Commission

Problems to be faced due to his less tenure
The changing of Chairman of RPSC in such less time will definitely obstruct the process of exams like RAS and teacher recruitment. As the process of RAS recruitment is quite lengthy so it is difficult to ascertain how far RAS recruitment procedure will go in Radheshyam Garg’s tenure.

Who is Radheshyam Garg?
Born on 2 May 1956, Radheshyam Garg is a doctor by profession. He belongs to Dholpur and runs his hospital in Dholpur. He assured that RPSC will carry out its work with transparency. He also shared that people will not be disappointed with RPSC.


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