Rajasthan boils up as mercury crosses 48 degrees in Churu

The most arid state of the country Rajasthan is boiling up as the temperature reaches a peak in the summers. Lately an increase in the temperature in almost all the districts of the state has been recorded. Increased temperature, scorching sun and blistering hot waves in the state is making it difficult for the residents to step out of their homes and also for the animals to gaze around. Many people and poor animals have lost their lives due to heat waves (loo) and the increasing temperature.

The highest temperature was recorded in the Churu district of 48.5 degrees. Along with this, Sri Ganganagar recorded an highest of 47.7 degrees. Also, Bikaner, Barmer, Jaislmer and Jodhpur witnessed 47.3, 46.2, 47 and 46 degrees respectively. The holy district of Ajmer also recorded as high as 45.6 lately.

Where the capital city Jaipur recorded maximum of 46 degrees, the mercury settled for 44.7 degrees in Pilani and 45 degrees in Dabok.