highway patrol

highway patrol

‘Police Mitra’ (or Highway Wardens) are Now Available for Help on Delhi-Jaipur Highway.

Deaths caused in road accidents are an everyday sight on highways. Reckless drivers, high-speed driving, heavy traffic and delay in medical aid are leading factors behind such mishaps. But, circumstances are changing now. Recently, a perspective officer from Kotputli Police unit came up with the innovative concept of ‘Highway Wardens’, wherein officers provide special training to commoners, for dealing with chaotic situations like accidents, smuggling, rapes and looting on deserted roads. It’s noteworthy that lately a female patrol unit was formed to ensure women safety on the streets of Udaipur. With outstanding ideas like these, Rajasthan has surfaced as a role model in terms of safety and crime reduction for other states.

SP Shekhawat’s Police Mitras Make Highway Trips Safer and Easier

In the absence of immediate medical aid, victims of previous road accidents would either die on spot or they were left in an agonic state for long. Though patrolling units of state highway police bears the duty of providing help in case of emergencies, it was difficult for the officers to track exact location of accident. But Mrs. Kamal Shekhawat, additional SP (Kotputli Division, Jaipur), was determined to find a solution to this dilemma.

‘Highway Wardens’, the brainchild of Shekhawat, aren’t  any special police units, but everyday people that run hotels and shops near highways. These members are enrolled at professional centres for training to deal with highway emergencies. Providing medical aid, clearing road traffic and informing local police unit about suspicious road activities are prime duties on their list.

Within a short span of five months, Jaipur police collaborated with CLG members to train 53 people, who were interested in being a part of this novel idea. Trained ‘Highway wardens’ were appointed at distinct locations to take over the role of police associates. The constructive efforts of Kotputli police have yielded positive results for the state. In last 5 months, these professionals have helped prevent many instances of suspicious activities and accidental deaths.

Accomplishments Of Highway Wardens in Last 5 Months

  • Warden Madan Mohan rescued 12 lives in an accident caused by speeding Haryana Roadways bus. He also helped the police in clearing out the crime scene and shifting of the injured to nearby hospitals.
  • Couple of days back, a wild Scorpio car caused an accident at Kotputli cut. Warden Kailash Yadav, who was in-charge of that location, immediately informed local police and arrived on spot to offer medical aid to the wounded.
  • Recently, Warden Manoj Rao played a significant role in the arrest of criminals at Peepli tri-junction, Shahpura. Rao chased the offenders up to 35 kilometres on highway and leaked their location to cops, who were able to detain them easily.
  • Police associates based near NH8 have showed active participation in helping highway police.

To wrap it up, the rigorous efforts of police control unit, active participation of wardens and government support have prevented some serious catastrophes in state in last few months. With successful implementation of this concept, Rajasthan government sends a strong message across the country that they’re serious about highway crimes. We thank all vigilant offers like Shekhawat, who’re determined and committed to their duty.