Jodhpur prized with two new rail green corridors, North Western Railway to become uber eco-friendly

The Blue city of Rajasthan is witnessing development galore under the Raje governance. Recently, the North Western Railway (NWR) zone has added two new rail green corridors.

The NWR zone already has 3 zones. Now, the construction of the two new zones will engender NWR equipped with a total of 5 zones.

Rail sections under Jodhpur rail division have been converted into green corridors.

Moreover, trains used for ferrying passengers to their desired destinations have been revamped. The trains have been added with bio-toilets in the Barmer-Munabao and Pipad-Bilada rail sections.

This initiative will also ensure that faecal matters are disposed off properly, without catalysing a host of infectious diseases.

This development is inherently covered as a part of the campaign to transform NWR into an eco-friendly zone.

The north Western Railway zone is working closely with the state government for the project. The country has five such green corridors, including these two.

NWR CPRO spokesperson Tarun Jain spelled out that a slew of measures are being taken to ensure that this zone is environment-friendly.

A 26mw windmill project is working now. NWR has two green corridors under the Jodhpur division at Fatehgarh in Jaisalmer,” he informed.

“Now, trains running between Barmer and munabao (119km) and Pipad and Bilada (41km) will have bio-toilets and these sections have been declared free of defecation,” he beamed.

Solar projects have been set up and a large number of trees planted in various areas.

Till date, NWR has set up 1mw solar power projects. Developmental works to install 2mw projects are also underway.

A total five lakh trees have been planted and water recycling projects have been put up in many places.

If sources are to believed, these trains will be fuelled by CNG. To avoid any incidents in future, a demo rail run is on between Rewari and Rohtak.


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