All realms of economy, whether it is business or governance, social contribution has become the major priority in all disciplinaries. While Corporate Social Responsibility index has been ushered in the Corporate sector, defense sector too made it’s way into getting the social index on records.

Border Security Force (BSF) is now inclined towards making substantial contribution towards the social responsibility in the nation.

Apart from toiling hard to ensure safety guarding at the borders, thereby ensuring that all the countrymen lead their lives happily with their families, without fearing any life-safety casuality. Thriving on a dual-objective, BSF has now shifted to focusing on contributing towards the social aspect too.

Recently, BSF granted scholarships to students on the premises of Tanot Mata temple. The scholarships have been funded from the Tanot Mata Trust.

Not a few students, but over 66 students were given scholarships worth Rs 9.63 lakh. While the number of students who have received scholarships have been categorically divided into 3 categories namely BPL, school children and rest open scholarships were granted. 36 students belonging to BPL have been awarded scholarships, while 11 school scholarships have been awarded to students. Residual scholarships have been awarded to 19 children in the form of open scholarships.

What’s most impressive is the fact that for the first time, 12 orphans were given assistance of Rs.30000 each.

Tanot school headmaster was given Rs 5,000. The government senior secondary school at Lawan was categorically selected for “Guru Shiromani award” under which the school principal Shyam Sunder Bohra. The award amount under this category was Rs 50,000.