10000 MW Solar plant to be set up in Rajasthan’s Ganganagar

Solar energy will prove to be a lucrative business in the foreseeable future for not only India but on a global landscape. The cooperative department is venturing into the green energy sector as it is setting up a 20 kilowatt solar plant in 24 APD village near Anoopgarh in Ganganagar district.

Solar Plant in Ganganagar district: Cost of plant, subsidy provided

State Cooperative Minister Ajay Singh Kilak said ” the ‘on grid rooftop solar system’ is spread over an area of 2000 square feet. The solar plant has been set up at a cost of Rs 12.65 lakhs.” It is worthy to note that the renewable energy department has provided a generous subsidy of Rs 3.79 lakhs, which is equals to 30% of the total cost of set-up.

More such plants will be set up at other parts of the state, the minister added. He said the process of exploring other possible venues for opening such plants is ongoing.

This initiative is a praiseworthy step towards reducing the carbon footprint across the country and ensuring least damage to the environment. Setting up solar power plants not only reduces living cost but also nurtures nature in a beautiful way.

The initiative of setting up a solar plant by the Cooperative Department in the wake of depleting resources like coal is a commendable step towards making Rajasthan more effective with using renewable energy resources.

Benefits from the upcoming solar plant

The solar plant has the capacity of producing 100-120 units per day to fulfill the society’s power requirement. The society, however, uses only 80 units per day. To leverage the extra power, the department will sell left-over (extra) energy to PowerGrid.

Through this plant, a total of 33000 units of power is expected to generate, which will spare Rs 1 lakh for the society, apart from generating additional income for it.

The solar plant is expected to start function from the second week of July.

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