udaipur newborn's death

The resident doctors of Rajasthan, who are attached to the seven government medical colleges, were on a strike which they lately called off. But during these days the health conditions in the government hospitals crippled. Not just in government hospitals but also in the private hospitals the health conditions are going from bad to worse.  In the past nine days, more than 10 infants died in two different Udaipur hospitals.

Such incidents have once again raised questions on the health conditions in the hospitals of the state. Also between May 15 and 25, more than 15 new born babies died in the Jawahar Lal Nehru hospital in Ajmer which is run by the government.

But on the other hand if you listen to the additional principal Dr Shalabh Sharma, he straight away denies the reports of infants dying in hospitals. He said, “A nursing staff member erroneously entered 10 admissions in the death column and one death in the admissions column.” Whereas countering him, Principal Secretary, medical education, Mukesh Sharma said that “the deaths cannot be hidden.”

Some important stats:

15 lakh deliveries were done in Rajasthan in 2015-16

70,500 infants died in the same period

47:1,000 infant mortality-rates according to Sample Registration Survey 2013

83% deliveries were institutionalized (in hospitals).