Hello English Premium in Rajasthan to improve English of students

English language has emerged as an obstacle in the path of students. There are many students who don’t find it easy to speak this language. To ease this problem, Rajasthan government has come up with a wonderful application Halo English Premium UPER. This app was launched under Upskills Proficiency In English for Rajasthan Program. The biggest benefit is that students can learn English without help of teachers.

After downloading the app, users will be given homework. It is a three month course where online classes are provided. It is important for the users to follow the given instructions provided by app. A certificate of proficiency is also provided to students by UPER after three months. Till now, 21000 students from the state of Rajasthan have started using this app. In fact, many companies have collaborated to teach their students English.

image credit: google

There are other things which are taken care of under this English teaching app. The improvement in English of users while be tested in three levels. Overall, it is a great initiative by Rajasthan to bring about a change in life of students and make them more capable for competitive world.

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