Bajrang Dal to hold self-defence camps in Rajasthan

The Bajrang Dal is now ready to host its controversial self-defence training camps yet again in Rajasthan. The Dal has recently conducted such exercise in the state of Uttar Pradesh in which members of the Hindu right-wing organisation wielded lathis, swords and firearms as a part of the regular routine.

Jalore additional superintendent of police Raghunath Garg said, “If they hold weapons training, it is against the law. We will take action. They need to take permission for any such gathering where weapons will be on display.”

“If we want to train people to defend themselves in case of a terror attack or make Hindu girls aware about being exploited by Muslim men or prevent cows from being slaughtered, how is that communal?” asked the outfit’s Jaipur convenor Ashok Singh Rajawat.

Replying to this, Ravindra Sharma, a Bajrang Dal member and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Jaipur media-in-charge, said, “We are not against Muslims. We are working for the welfare of the country.”