Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Venkaiah Naidu held an uber constructive review meeting today at the Chief Minister Office. Aspects of broadcasting, letter office, field publicity directorate, performing Arts department and DAVP among others were discussed at the meeting.

Venkaiah Naidu was very optimistic about the benefits of various mediums of information majorly Doordarshan and broadcasting. He said, “The broadcasting medium shall not only make people aware about central schemes, but also about state-run schemes.” This will ensure optimum utilization of the medium along with the proper allocation of resources.

M Venkaiah Naidu has stressed upon the need to ensure effective implementation of Cable TV Act in order to restrict airing of objectionable content and unauthorized channels, especially in the border areas.  Offensive content or visuals will be censored or omitted from the final broadcast. Special persons have been appointed for the purpose of monitoring the content thoroughly. CM Raje directed all the concerned persons to ensure strict monitoring of the content. The vigilance will be enacted under the under the Cable TV Act.

CM Raje and Venkaiah Naidu at a Review Meeting 

Regional channels of Doordarshan and broadcasting will now transmit information in different languages so that no person is deprived of the information resources, owing to geographical differences, among many others.

For wider awareness of government initiated developmental schemes, CM Raje gave a huge impetus to increasing awareness through broadcasting mediums like FM, Radio, etc. An impressive electronic publication, ‘E-Marugandha’ was also released at the Press Information Bureau.

Through inputs from DRDA and Agro-Scientific Centres, Community Radio stations can be established, for which 75% subsidy is being given by the government. Community Radio will receive a major boost in the state, CM Raje said.

36 local FM stations in 18 cities will be launched in the state apart from 26 other FM stations. Community radio will become the fulcrum for reaching out to the last man in the corner, CM Raje reiterated.

High-power transmission (HUPA) will be ushered in the state which will ensure that information and media gets wider and faster reach. Innovative ways to make broadcasting more efficient were discussed at the meeting. The possibility of watching DD channels on mobile screens through HUPA was also discussed at the meeting.