Rajasthan’s Transport Department has come up with a creative way to spread awareness for road safety. The department has planned to start a campaign “Donate Your Space” whereby the restaurants and cafes in the city will be urged to donate some space in their premises where posters will be displayed with messages of road safety.

The idea has been conceived by the Transport Department and in association with an NGO named Taramani Foundation that works at spreading road safety awareness. As per the concept, the plan is to create spaces within the ecosystem at places like offices, cafes, restaurants, schools, colleges, beauty parlors, and even home.

road-safety-jaipurSource: Times of India

Reportedly, the campaign will run for 4 months and after reviewing the response, the creatives will be changed in every 20 days. The department aims to start a movement with the campaign and hence to ensure the effectiveness, places like offices, homes, and cafes have been targeted so as to make the message more and more loud and clear.

The more people will see the messages, the more they will think about it.
The project aims to have 500 donors by the end of 6 months during which the campaign will be executed, starting from Jaipur. The Taramani Foundation has also shot an advertisement on Jaipur-Delhi highway which will be played in theatres as well as will be circulated on social media.

Nonetheless, the idea is quite unique, creative and is definitely more engaging for the masses. Also, it clearly targets the youth population of the city as youngsters are often seen hanging out at cafes and restaurants. As far as the response to the campaign is concerned, it will be clearer in the days to come as to how the public responds to the campaign. However, considering the creative tactic, it is likely to be a success.