Third Day of CM Raje’s ‘Apka Zila Apki Sarkar’ program at Bhilwara

Striving towards development, CM Vasundhara Raje inspected the Bhilwara district 3 days continuously just to make sure that no sector is left untouched. She focuses on the people of the state as she believes the ultimate development is the development of the people. On her third day visit to the Bhilwara district under the Apka Zila Apki Sarkar program, while addressing to the officials, she said, be it me or you, we are all working to serve the poor. . She has a very dedicated team that only looks forward for the benefits of the people. She believes every individual of the state is equal to her and deserves equal amount of attention and support. So, CM Raje has always taken initiative steps for the less fortunate sections of the society. To put a full stop to the frauds and wrong records, she directed the officials to check all the documents of the people before registering their name BPL list. She said only those names shall be included in the list who are actually living below the poverty line.

She firmly believes that the better you become the less time you take to achieve your goals. Corruption is something that she would not tolerate. CM Rahe said that corruption is a virus to good governance and she won’t let it enter in any way. She emphasised on the fact that together we can achieve every possible target for the state. She absolutely knows how to get back the officials on track if they aren’t. She has directed strict action against the Logistics Officer Mr. Gautam Chand Jain and Enforcement officer Ravi Jadhav for not properly allocating the ration at the various ration shops in the Bagga ka Kheda village in the district.


After inspecting various areas of the Bhilwara district for two days it was necessary to directed the officials and management to take required actions. She sets a perfect example of a state leader and an excellent manager. People from the entire state visit CM Raje at her residence in Jaipur with their problems. On this, she said, only those people whose request, problems and other complaints are not solved at district or Panchata level reach Jaipur at her residence with the last hope. She said, “We are monitoring this, and the district from where the maximum complaints reach our office clearly signifies the lack of management in the district. Pull up your socks as strict actions would be taken against the ministry at such districts.”

Addressing the development officers, sub divisional officials, police deputy superintendents, additional SPs and other related officials of the district said that everyone is at influential position and can bring significant changes in people’s life. She made them realise that they have a power in a way of changing people’s life by doing works which brings development in the district. She emphasised on the fact that the true direction of the real development lies in moving from an individual to individual and then to the society as a whole. She said all you need is the will, passion and the much required desire to work and you yourself will witness the significant reforms taking place.

She said let’s all join hands and move towards excellence. You all must fix at least 2 days in week when generals meetings should be conducted in order to check upon the growth and status of the various developmental works going on in the district. At the same time, the officials should pay equal attention to the people of their district and their problems and complaints. She said, let’s all resolve to make Bhilwara a sparking, shinning and a beautiful place. She empathised on maintaining cleanliness in the district and said that it is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that the beauty and charm of the district should not be spoiled with dirt, filth and pollution.

The strength of social media is determined by the strength of your content. Social media plays an important role in disseminating information to a larger number of people in shortest time. CM Raje instructed the police officials to keep an eye on social media and to make sure that people who are diffusing rumours shall be nabbed and punished.

The stage of the development of the productive forces determines the political and ideological superstructure of society which is crystallized into a system of social organisation. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje gave excellent directions to the management and the district officers to bring required changes moving a step towards development. Rajasthan as whole has never progressed more. Let us all come together and walk hand in hand on the path directed by CM Raje and achieve the ultimate goal of development and becoming numero uno in the nation.