190 infants die daily

Latest reports form the health dept. of  Rajasthan says that around 190 infants die daily in different districts of the state. The survey was conducted after 16 continuous deaths in past 1 week at Ajmer’s JLN Hospital.
The report also stated that over 70500 kids die annually in Rajasthan before they turn 1 year old. Officials blame the water scarcity, drought plagued conditions and shortage  of specialists in the hospitals as the major reasons behind these deaths.

Health minister Rajendra Rathore say “Instructions have been given to provide immediate treatment to newborns, and the serious cases referred to advanced health institutions. Inquiry will be done on each infant death to ascertain the causes and to ensure all necessary measures to prevent deaths.”
He further added, “These diploma-holding doctors will have to serve for two years in earmarked hospitals. After two years, they are free either to work with government hospitals or join private hospitals.”
Expressing concern over the deaths he also said, “There will be no dearth in treatment at tertiary care centres where newborns are referred in serious condition. If carelessness is found, action will be taken as per the rules”