Success Story: Ajmer Farmer benefitted from Rajasthan Government schemes

It is wonderful to know that how the schemes and policies of the state government are benefiting people of Rajasthan. There are several schemes announced by Rajasthan government which proved to be a huge support for these farmers. There is one more story added in the bunch of success stories of Ajmer, Rajasthan.

Ladu Singh, a farmer from a village near Pushkar adopted the Government scheme for farming. He is very happy to utilize the government schemes and emerged as a role model to the other villagers of his village. Ladu Singh belongs to Majhewala village of Ajmer.

Taking about the developments in Ajmer, the district Collector Gaurav Goyal informed that farmer Ladu Singh of Majhewala village of Ajmer is one of the beneficiaries of government schemes. This year, he has earned good money on the harvest. Using polyhouses for farming is a wise decision. These polyhouses are emerged out as a great way of farming.

Rajasthan Farmers

Ladu Singh, farmer of Rajasthan

Additional Director of agricultural Department shared that Ladu Singh owns 11 hectare land. Due to scarcity of water, he used to face problems. But now, he has been facilitated with solar pumps, cemented well tank, storehouse for crops, plastic lining farm pond and polyhouses etc. These all facilities helped him to grow crops and earn well. In fact, Ladu Singh is advising other farmers to adopt governmental techniques.

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