Students to have biometric attendance on entry and exit from college premises

A series of developments in the education realm have engendered massive improvement in the education level across the state.

The higher education department decided to introduce biometric attendance system in colleges at divisional headquarters to ensure that students don’t bunk classes.

The system will be operational from the current year and will be implemented across all educational institutes.

What’s the scenario currently?

Students used to earlier punch their biometric during entry only. However, from now onwards, they will have to punch their cards at the time of entry and exit.

Higher education minister Kiran Maheshwari said, “During my visit to Bharatpur recently, some students had come forward with the suggestion of introducing biometric attendance system in colleges. I found the suggestion very positive and considered at the meeting held on Wednesday.”

Biometric system for faculty

Even the faculty will punch biometrics during both entry and exit. This will ensure that faculty punches card in morning as well as evening. This will ensure that complaints of professors missing from classes will be lessened to a considerable extent.

“Initially, we thought of launching the system from Bharatpur and gradually extending it to other areas on demand. But since the idea is good to address the issue of absenteeism in colleges, we have decided to introduce it at all the seven divisional headquarters from this academic session,” she added.

The proposal shall be implemented in all colleges soon, sources say.

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