Dholpur Elections 2017

While Shobharani’s goodness spells in Dholpur have charmed all Dholpurites, Congress is grappling with meager support in the small district of Dholpur.

The Dholpur By-poll election is giving rise to intense curiosity. Nonetheless, there is a deep sense of satisfaction amidst the entire Dholpur population which is highly banking on BJP candidate, Shobharani.

Not only has the Modi-super wave influenced the Dholpurites here, there are a number of other factors which have contributed towards the positive outlook in Dholpur, in the current scenario.

Firstly, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has made the entire state ride on a treadmill of success and development. In her three years of governance, Raje has achieved what no other Congress party leader could in 5 years.

Raje has become the face of Rajasthan. All Rajasthanis have a reliable representative etched into their hearts now, who is not likely to go anywhere at the pace she is currently progressing.

All facts aside, Ms. Vasundhara Raje is the  Maharani of Dholpur. It is imperative as rational to give the MLA pass to BJP as being the maharani herself, she understands the pulse of the people – A quintessential of a good leader.

The former MLA of Dholpur, B.L Kushwaha is a much-talked about figure in the Dholpur zone. Despite his deeds, he demands reverence and leader-love in Dholpurites.

After him, his wife, Shobharani is all set to become the face of Dholpur. Having grabbed a BJP ticket, Shobharani is riding high as all Kushwahas, Brahmins and muslims are relying on BJP.

Sources say that Dholpurites are taking hints from the state of Rajasthan. In the last three years under the leadership of Ms Raje, the state of Rajasthan has progressed to unprecedented peaks in the last three years in a comprehensive manner.

Despite all these visible signs of BJP enthroning the Dholpur seat, Congress is pitching onto it’s record-loser member, Banwari Lal Sharma who has the image of a complacent leader with no capacity to usher in ‘ground-breaking development ‘ to engender a ‘Dholpur of dreams’.