RTI gets a memorial in Rajasthan

After removing the RTI (Right to Information) act from the textbooks in the state, Rajasthan now witnessed something which is not only unusual but also ironic. A unique memorial remembering the RTI and as a tribute to the act has been build in the Beawar district of the largest state of the country Rajasthan.

Let us tell you, Right to Information (RTI) was started 20 years back. Hundreds of people from throughout the state reached the location of the memorial- the Chang Gate in Beawar to witness the ironic unveiling of the memorial stone. These people were against the removal of the act from the books and demanded that it shall be included again for the kids to study.

Ashok Sain, an activist who was among one of those many people in a statement said, “I can never forget those 40 days when we sat on a dharna organised by the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS) at Chang Gate. I was preserving every moment of it through my camera without a clue that we were making history.”