The national animal of the country, Tiger is a ferocious animal enveloped in the much hypnotic strip structures, positioning itself as the largest in the Cat family. Post the formulation of the ‘Project Tiger’, the aim has been to plummet chances of tiger falling into the oblivion, by becoming extinct. Unfortunately , this magnificent fauna has already joined the list of endangered species on the planet Earth.

Multitudinal measures are being taken to restore and revive the vast population of the Tigers which sure existed around 50 years back, to say the least. While immense measure are being initiated and implemented by the Centre, the states are not lagging behind, either. The beautiful state of Rajasthan which takes immense pride in the fact that many tigers dwell in the State, are highly determined and diligent in doing everything to protect their natural pride.

The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve (RTR) has deployed man guards to take care of the cats round-the-clock. The guards have literally stood on the grounds as soldiers for safeguarding the well-being of the creatures. These selfless guards have had to embrace a daily life, which is devoid of even basic amenities like electricity and water.

In order to make life easier for the sentinels, solar panels have been installed in check posts. These check posts are located in remote areas. Not only this, solar powered pumps have replaced the diesel run water pumps.

With 15 check posts been equipped with solar panels, this step finds it’s major purpose in diminishing the carbon footprint.

Y K Sahu, field director RTR said, “The objective was to reduce the carbon footprint of the park management and provide frontline staff in re mote areas with basic amenities. This was done with support from Rajasthan Electricals and Instruments Limited (REIL), a joint venture of state and Central government. Total project cost at RTR was Rs 132 lakh and Keladevi Sanctuary was 35 lakh.”

The solar panels have a capacity of 1KW system, with the capacity of running five LED lights and two ceiling fans.

In Keladevi, 14 check posts have been installed at solar power facility.

We are happy to witness game-changer programmes and schemes to alleviate the deteriorating numbers of Tigers in India as well as across the globe. More schemes are in pipeline and there is high possibility that things will get in place, thereby restoring the numbers of this mystical creature as the world has relished earlier.