Rajasthani Housewife gives Rs. 1 Lakh with scrap

Rajasthani Housewife gives Rs. 1 Lakh with scrap

Any day could be a lucky day for you and for this Rajasthani housewife Thursday 28, 2016 was a very lucky day. It was like a regular day for her. She did all the household work and then planned to sell the old pile of newspapers and books to a scrap dealer. But, she didn’t know that the old pile contains Rs. 1 lakh cash between the pages of the newspaper.

But I am calling it her lucky day as the whole bunch of money came back to them the very next day. The case is of Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh District. The incident happened with a couple naming Kishor Bhadu and Shanti Bhadu. The door to door scrap dealers, Surendra and Shankar Verma, who are brothers, have collected stash from Shanti at the rate of Rs. 5 per Kilogram on Tuesday night. Late that night, the two found a bundle of cash of Rs. 100 and Rs. 500 notes.

The Verma brothers couldn’t sleep that night. According to Shankar, “We collected scrap from so many houses and thus it was very difficult to find out the house to which this money belonged.”

For finding the owner’s details, they shifted to the newspapers and papers for a clue and there, they found one. One of the books had a name – Shalu Poonia, written on it. They dint wasted any time and next morning started the search for Shalu Poonia. They soon found out that a Shalu Poonia used to live in 15 SGR village with the help of some village elders. They visited back to the house of the Bhadus and found that Shalu is their granddaughter and returned the money.

The Bhadu couple was still unaware about the loss of money. Mr. Kishor Bhadu said, “I had borrowed Rs 1 lakh to repay a debt and put it in a box with old books for safety. How could have I know that my wife would sell them?” He was very grateful to the Verma brothers for their honesty. He praised them and said that, “They are angels for me. I cannot thank them enough.”

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