Rajasthan University hostels: Colleges given charge for better management

The rising need of education necessitates the migration of many students to new cities. The drive for education results in moving away of home towns to completely new areas which offer quality education.

Transfer of Management for Rajasthan colleges 

In the wake of rising demands of student lodging and hostel facilities, the Rajasthan University transferred the charge of two hostels from hostel wardens to the a couple of state colleges.

The Rajasthan University has handed over the charge of Maharana Pratap and Vivekananda to undergraduate colleges — Commerce College and Rajasthan College.

Why this decision?

This decision was driven by the Rajasthan University Vice Chancellor RK Kothari with an objective of better management of the colleges. The step will ensure that the working of these hostels is more organised and effectively handled

“It is also decided to issue students ID cards so that entry of outsiders can be stopped. Entire administration of the both the hostels is now under the college principals,” Bhupendra Singh Shekawat, chief public relations officer, Rajasthan University, said.

Why is this decision so crucial?

The University hostels have been housing many illegal students for several years. These students have got made bogus documents to become eligible for occupying a room in the hostel premises.

Despite knowing this, the wardens have terribly failed to take the situation in their hands. Owing to the rising menace, the chancellor was exhorted to take this step.

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