Rajasthan state has shown a tremendous growth in enrollment of research scholars in India. This has come out through a report released by Union human resources minister Prakash Javadekar in New Delhi. In this report, it is clear that it has been increased to 7,010 which means 70 per cent growth.

The main reason behind this increase in research scholars is due to the fact that Rajasthan has the highest number of universities. In this survey, 13 universities from Rajasthan participated. Both state and private universities in Rajasthan had been surveyed in granting admission to awarding PhDs.

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Issues with the survey
The former head of the sociology department at Rajasthan University questioned the date of this survey and asked authorities to physically verify the details of these scholars. In fact, the fee structure in private universities is very high for research scholars.

There are many states that like West Bengal, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Odisha, Karnataka and Uttrakhand which have shown a fall in enrollment of PhD scholars.