Rajasthan is not just acing its game in governance but it has actually achieved an unprecedented feat in the field of technology and one such example is Rajasthan Sampark. Apart from the unique initiatives like DigiFest and Bhamashah Techno hub that have eased efforts for those stepping into the world of startups, the government is also using technology to address the issues of common man.

Rajasthan Sampark is a helpline that allows citizens to register their complaints and those issues are not acknowledged but are also solved on a timely basis. Reportedly the government officials have resolved more than 2.3 Million complaints registered on the platform.

Citing an example reported by inc42, Mohammed Kasim, a resident from a village near Ajmer registered an online complaint on Rajasthan Sampark portal regarding the fault in electricity in his area. The government officials visited the site within 3-5 working days and resolved the issue by replacing the transformers with the new ones.


It’s an initiative by the Department of Information Technology and Communication (DoIT&C) that aims to empower the residents by rendering a transparent means of grievance redressal. From the last four years, the platform has not just reduced corruption but it has also enabled the common man to take the issues directly to the government.

It’s a centralized platform that makes use of a web platform, a mobile app, toll-free call centres, eMitra Kiosks, and Jan Sampark Centres with video conferencing facility. It covers all government departments, autonomous organizations, and even academic institutions. The inclusion of so many mediums ensures convenience for the citizens.

The individuals can get themselves registered on the portal and after filling the required information they get a grievance ID that can be used to track or re-open the grievance or to give feedback. Also, if there is no solution to the recorded issues, it can be heard in-person with the concerned department on

Thursdays. Besides, the platform also reduces the paperwork requirements thereby making the procedure more effective thereby ensuring real-time data sharing. Such efforts are definitely going to benefit the state and its citizens in the long run in this ever-growing digital world.

For details visit: http://sampark.rajasthan.gov.in/