Rajasthan Export Buisness

Rajasthan Export Buisness

Import and export has always been two best ways of business for the largest state of the country, Rajasthan. Rajasthan, the historical and colourful state is known for its jewellery and gemstone, paintings, fabrics, hand woven carpets and pottery etc. But lately, the weak demand in the international markets is bringing down the business and is not only affecting the charts but also the business and earning of the workers, traders and artists. In the past one year period, the Rajasthan financial health has registered a total of Rs 36047 from exports which is comparative to the previous year is almost 7% down.

Agro and food sector has witnessed the biggest fall in the business and trade of almost 63% over the previous year. This has majorly put a dent on the overall tally on the business finances. Total exports were Rs 8009 cr from previous year which came down to Rs 3,093 cr in 2015-16.

“Sector was on rise because of Guar Gum which was in high demand in oil companies. It even went up to Rs 14,500 crore in 2012-13 when demand was at peak. From then there is gradual downfall though this year it was more significant” said an official from the industry department.

Total exports from the state were Rs 37,286 crore a year before which were recorded 38,767 crore in the 2014-15. Dimensional stones, mica stones, granites and marbles from Rajasthan which are known worldwide also wasted facing global recession. The total exports were Rs 2,848 cr in the previous year and turned down to only Rs 1,936 crore this year which has caused a recording 32% recline of exports in this sector.

People related to the industry however are not surprised. They claim that Rajasthan’s marble and granite processing units are struggling with a severe scarcity of raw material. “State is yet to frame mining rules while several mines are closed in absence of environmental clearances. This was bound to happen. But other reason is that Rajasthan marble is facing completion from Turkey which is cheaper and there is good demand from domestic market too” said Mahesh Agarwal, marble exporter.


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