Latest reports suggest that Rajasthan will soon start exporting clean energy (solar and wind) to other states. Once the integrated power evacuation system is completed, the state will be able to export 4,000 MW of renewable energy, most likely by early 2019.

Currently, the transmission line for 765-KV Bhadla-Bikaner grid substation (GSS) is being set up in the state. Later, it will be linked to the Green corridor, eventually connecting Moga (Punjab) to Banaskanta (Gujarat). The completion of this line will enable the state to start the inter-state export of energy through the Banaskanta-Chittorgarh-Ajmer-Bikaner-Moga line.

Out of this 4,000 MW of energy, 2,255 MW Bhadla Solar Park will supply around 750 MW energy, exclusively to Uttar Pradesh. As per the data collected by Central Electricity Authority (CEA), the load generation of the state corresponding to the financial year 2021-22 will be in surplus by 5030 MW.

Bhadla Solar Park

There are many solar parks that are being established in the state, namely-

• Bhadla (Jodhpur)
• Parewar (Jaisalmer)
• Fatehgarh (Jaisalmer)
• Pokaran (Jaisalmer)
• Pugal (Bikaner)

Currently, the state’s clean energy is being evacuated through two 400KV GSS and nine 220KV GSS lines. Since Rajasthan will be unable to absorb the quantum of envisaged solar and wind power, it would be transmitted to other states. However, this would require the development of the interstate transmission system.

Talking about the Bhadla solar park, it’s going to be the world’s largest facility that will generate 2,255 MW of energy. The project is being developed in 4 phases out of which the third one is in progress, as of now.