There is strange observation made at milk donation banks in Rajasthan. In these banks, many lactating mothers of Rajasthan are HIV positive. These mothers may have unknowingly passed the deadly HIV virus to their kids as they breastfeed their kids.

When the milk quality of mothers is tested, it was found that the milk of at least 1.57% was tested positive for HIV. Almost 16,578 women have donated their milk in 2017. Considering this number of HIV positive mothers, it is felt that this is the tip of the iceberg.

image credit: huffingtonpost

Know State advisor of the government’s Mothers’ Milk Banks in this matter
“The women, who donated their milk to the milk banks in 2017, were unaware that they were HIV positive or that they had Hepatitis A. They came to know about it only after they donated their milk to the bank. Before distributing milk, we have a system of testing the same.”

Mother’s Milk Bank in Rajasthan
In Rajasthan, there are mother milk’s banks. These banks are opened with an aim to store milk from donating lactating mothers. This milk can be used to feed infants who are deprived of it. In fact, the infants will get the milk free of cost from mothers who willingly donate it. Rajasthan is the only state to have established 11 milk banks.