Rajasthan unlikely to open auction for limestone & copper blocks

The Rajasthan state government has announced an open auction of four limestone blocks and of a copper block in the state. This is being done by the government with an aim of shoving up the state as a top mining destination in the country.

Open Auction for Copper, Limestone blocks in Rajasthan

DS Maru, the director of Mines and Geology recently said, “Geologists believe that there is significant potential in this copper block. All the blocks have been carefully chosen based on industrial requirements and preferences. They are also attractive in terms of sizes, land ownership pattern and economics.”
“We are investing in world class exploration capabilities as well as focusing on clearing all pending applications. Rajasthan is a cement production hub and new limestone mines will create expansion opportunities and give new players a chance to invest in the state,” Maru added.

This step by the government is an opportunity for all the concerned traders. An earth scientist and retired professor in Geology,Pushpendra Singh Ranawat said, “For the first time any state has adopted an open auction for important minerals, which is indeed a welcome step.”
“Low grade manganese deposits of south Rajasthan were till now tied up in policy uncertainty (tribal area resource) that should now generate employment and development of this lesser developed area. Likewise, the low grade iron ores of Rajasthan are now becoming economically viable and four of the iron blocks will also help in economic development of Rajasthan,” Ranawat added.