Rajasthan: Khadi clothes, soon to be mandatory for 2 days a week

Rajasthan Khadi and Village Industries Board requested CM Vasundhara Raje to make clothes spun out of Khadi mandatory for officials to wear for 2 days a week. Reason being simple proliferation of Khadi and its production. As we know that doing this would bring up liftment in employment opportunities for people with expertise in Khadi making.

It being speculated that CM VasundharaRaje has accepted the due request and has given approval for making Khadi uniforms compulsory for government officials to wear for 2 days a week. But this approval will be officially notified on the occasion of Gandhi Jayantii.e on 2nd October. If it does indeed go through then the government officials in Rajasthan like their counterparts in Bihar will be seen wearing hand spun Khadi twice a week.

ShambhuDayal, the President of the State Khadi Board said, “When this law comes into effect, it will not only be applicable to the state government employees but also to MPs, MLAs and all other public representatives.”

The board will soon work on its proposal which promised to supply 10 Charkhas with five solar energy run looms to every Khadi unit, which can speed up process of income generation for the Khadiartisans.

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