Rajasthan granted 1 percent reservation to most backward classes

With the aim to empower Most Backward Classes, the BJP government has issued orders for granting 1% reservation in Rajasthan. This reservation is given under 50% bracket approved by Supreme Court. This reservation was approved by State Cabinet last month. The aim behind this reservation is to get in Rajasthan and jobs in government offices.

The reservation will be given to Gurjars and four other communities. With this new reservation, the overall reservation in the State reached 50 percent which was earlier 49%.


image credit: currentnews.in

The State government has decided to provide 5 percent reservation to gurjars and four communities. But the Rajasthan High Court restrained from implementing this quota as it would cross the total reservation beyond 50%. Hence, if this quota had been approved then total reservation would have reached 54 percent.

In fact, the state government had already tabled the bill to grant 5 percent reservation to the gurjars and other communities but every time, it has been rejected by Rajasthan High Court.

Well.. it is known that the fight to get reservation in Rajasthan has been going from very long. This demand has also resulted in several agitations by gurjar community that led to unrest in state.

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