Rajasthan Governor Met Villagers and Heard their Problems

Governor of Rajasthan Kalyan Singh lately held a dialogue session with villagers of Chaksu village in the state. In the open dialogue session, people of the village shared their problems, woes, pains and grievances. He also shared with the residents his experiences of rural life and struggle that comes along.

He said, “I am also from a village and understand the situation. I understand the pain of farmers and I have also gone through this. I have come here to speak to you,” he told the locals of Ajmeripura village in the district, who were surprised on seeing a Governor for the first time in their village.”You share your problems with me. I am very much familiar with happiness and sorrows of the poor and villagers, your problems will be addressed for sure.”


The villagers shared their road, water, electricity, water, education, employment, medicine and transport related problems with the Governor.