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With the aim to improve the education system in Rajasthan, Rajasthan government is taking concrete measures. In order to promote sports and enhance sports activities, sports philosophy is being introduced as a subsidiary subject for all streams of studies. This will be introduced in higher education institutions of Rajasthan. The permission has been by given by Rajasthan Governor Kalyan Singh. Know more.

To introduce sports philosophy, the recommendations were accepted. Soon after this, Rajasthan government set up a five-member committee to suggest future course of action regarding subject titled ‘Khel Darshan’.

The committee has worked on syllabus and assessment criterion of the subject. This subject will be implemented in state financed universities.

Rajasthan Governor asked the state government to prepare content for the subject to be introduced in all state’s universities. In this order, all 13 state government run universities have been asked to make sports philosophy as subsidiary subject in higher education.

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Sports Philosophy
Philosophy of sport is an area of philosophy that seeks to conceptually analyze issues of sport as human activity. It mainly involves categories like metaphysics, ethics and moral philosophy, philosophy of law, political philosophy, and aesthetics.