Rajasthan government made state highway toll tax free; effective from 31st March midnight

Rajasthan government has announced waiver on toll tax for Rajasthan vehicles on state highways earlier this month. It has emerged out as a great relief to the citizens of the states. CM Vasundhara Raje made this announcement in the assembly. This new relief on toll tax will be started from March 31’s midnight.

Know what confusion raised due to Toll tax waiver
When this announcement was made, people got confused due to ambiguity about its implementation date. Many people felt that it had been implemented with immediate effect. Even there were cases of fights between toll employees and travelers throughout Rajasthan. Later, to end the confusion, PWD and Finance department announced that Rajasthan highways will be toll free from midnight on March 31. So, all the roads built by RSRDC, private contractors and PWD will now be toll free.

Rajasthan Highway

image credit: indianexpress

How will this Toll tax waiver help people?
As many people travel every day by their private vehicles on state highways so this decision is a great relief to them. These people experience a great burden on their pockets due to heavy toll taxes. The villages near state highways are also forced to pay toll even if they travelled a few kilometers.

Network of Highways in Rajasthan
In the state of Rajasthan, there are 38 National Highways in Rajasthan with total length of 8016.18 km. Talking about the State Highways, they are 85 with total length of 11,716 km.

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