Rajasthan university elections - RU elections

Rajasthan university elections

Rajasthan state Government has changed the Rajasthan University Students’ Union (RUSU) election schedule on Monday. The Education Minister Kalicharan Saraf has declared the new date for elections and officials said, “The RUSU elections will be held on August 31. Earlier, they were planned for August 24.”

The change in the election date is made as during that time, the BRICS-related meetings will be held in Jaipur. Also, Jaipur Police Commissioner has requested the education department to change the date so that the security of the city doesn’t become an issue.
Hence, it was decided by the Education Department to change the election date and postpone the elections. Whereas, the University elections are concerned, they are scheduled before. They are preponed and now, they are to be held on August 17th, 2016. But, the elections in the rest of the state will be held as per the schedule decided earlier. BRICS-meetings will not affect the elections date of the rest of the districts.

As per the BRICS calendar, the meeting of ministers will be held on the topic of Disaster Management in Udaipur on August 20th and 21st, 2016. The BRICS-related meeting in Udaipur is one of the 95 such events to be held before BRICS Summit in mid-October in Goa. Jaipur is among the various cities of Rajasthan holding BRICS-related meetings. BRICS smart cities workshop will be held in Jaipur on August 17-19. The BRICS Women Parliamentarians’ Forum will also take place in Jaipur on August 20-21.