A decade has been passed, but the condition of the girl child has not been as impressive as it is now. Thanks to the Rajasthan Government for pioneering a multitude of schemes and programmes to ameliorate the condition of the girl child in the State.

A recent report issued by the state health department depicted a rise of 40 points in the live birth ratio, while there was also an increase of 16 points in general sex ratio in the state.

In 2005-06, as per the latest National Family Health Survey report, there were 847 live births of a girl child. However, in 2015-16, live birth tolls have reached to 887 now.

The overall birth ratio stands at 973. While in the rural areas, the birth rate has increased to 989, the sex ratio in cities is only at 928.

As per the data made available in the Pregnancy Child Tracking System (PCTS) of the state, out of 17 lakh medical facilities in the state, 14 lakh child births were recorded at the public medical facilities.

Apart from the purposeful and game-changer changes made by the PCTS, there are various other reasons which have helped the girl-child births grow in the state.

Initially, the sonography machines were not equipped with a GPS and active tracker, thereby eluding the officials from keeping any records on the machine.

If this wasn’t enough, there are PCPNDT  courts which have been constructed in each district of Rajasthan. The most crucial aspect to throw light on is the fact that there are speedy disposal of cases and grievances.

There have been a plethora of bureau teams which have been set up to monitor and assess all the activities and developments in this arena.

The state of Rajasthan has sure become a lighthouse state in the arena of girl development and gorl empowerment. Thoughtful schemes like Bhamashah Yojna and Rajshree Yojna have been successfully implemented in the state to overcome the issue of dipping girl child-birth. This number is just an indication of a huge milestone covered in this regard.


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