CM Vasundhara raje Supply Water

CM Vasundhara raje

CM Raje inspected the existing conditions at border and instructed officers to lay down water pipelines to fulfill the requirements of BSF soldiers.

With the launching of MukhyamantriJalSwavlambanAbhiyaan (MJSA) this year, Rajasthan CM VasundharaRaje is determined to solve water scarcity issues existing in the state through culmination of water pipelines and setting up rooftop harvesting systems. Recently, on her visit to Longewala border, Jaisalmer, CM stayed back for a day at Ramdeora, to inspect security conditions in the nearby villages, where she came across acute water crisis experienced by BSF (Border Security Forces). Several villages near the border experienced scarcity of clean drinking water due to low annual rainfall and persistent desert-like climate. Raje was quick to solve this issue.

Jaisalmer Experiences Water Crisis Due to Pending Water Works Project

The CM immediately sprung to action and expressed her surprise in this matter. She called in a meeting with the officers of water works departments and immediately instructed them to lay pipelines from the nearby water source, till the border outposts. It’s important to note that government had previously approved a water supply project worth Rs. 45 crore. It was pending since last three years due to another ongoing water works project at Pokaran-Barmer road nearby, as reported by Additional Chief Engineer.

Also, Raje expressed her annoyance over the incomplete construction of roads in Jaisalmer, especially near the Tanot Mata temple. Due to poor condition of roads, pilgrims experience commuting issues in that area. Every year, several accidents take place on the road, due to rough terrain. On getting this information, the CM directed specific officers to immediately start this project. She reprimanded the officers of water works department and the engineers of PWD and asked them to finish these pending projects at the earliest.

With her directions, now the projects have been actively started, which is a source of relief for both villagers and BSF officers. Expressing their joys at the commencement of pipelines and road construction, B.R. Meghwal (Rajasthan Frontier IG) and DIG Amit Lodha (BSF, North Wing) said it seems like transportation crisis and scarcity of safe drinking water at BSF border posts will get solved in the near future.

Quick action in this regard reflects CM’s vigilance and commitment towards solving people’s issues. Here it is important to note that Rajasthan government had completed another water works project at Bhilwada recently. With the successful implementation of MJSA, 24 lakh villagers of Bhilwada district have received clean drinking water via pipelines connect to the Chambal project. Earlier, water was supplied to remote districts through trains and tankers, but now, since the project is complete, water will soon surge into the pipelines to suffice the requirements of the residents. Well, this is a happy news for countrymen!