Progress On Jaipur’s Rs. 2400 Crore Smart City Mission

While the government’s announcement of its very first cluster of smart cities back in January, Bhubaneshwar was holding the top rank after Jaipur, Pune, Surat and Kochi. By spending 24 hours in Jaipur, the media team gauged out the main progress in the state. After the surveillance, they foudn out that, Jaipur is very precisely taking forward the mission of central government of smartness. Jaipur is one of the smartest city in the country which has exclusively listed in the smart Indian cities.

CM Raje spoke on the Adhaar programme saying, “The idea was to make women responsible members of the society, and give them a certain amount of respect. So the card would be in the name of the woman”. She further added, “They had to start using the card, the POS machine, the biometrics – they learnt. Today, 4.65 crore people are already on the card.”

Mahal Road in Jaipur is the first place in the state to accommodate smart lighting.

Vaibhav Galriya (Jaipur Development Commissioner) said, “”LEDs on the 1 km-stretch cost us Rs 25 lakh, whereas smarter fixtures cost Rs 49 lakh. But we can recover this money within one and a half years”.

Mahal Road in the city is equipped with smart lighting with Cisco’s “City Digital Platform” integration. With this, the platform can extract data from several operations of the city and feature them to the mayor in a dashboard view. With infusing lighting in it, it also merges parking, traffic and environment related data into it. This environmental details can also help in formulating policies.

Like Hamburg, Adelaide and Barcelona, Jaipur also got its name mentioned in the elite listing. Cisco’s “Lighthouse City” is the main tool for administration, governance and bureaucracy to plan well enough to make Jaipur a well versed smart city. Cisco, 3M and Genpact has established a “Global Centre of Excellence” in Jaipur.

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