Pakistani ISI agent chased down in Jodhpur, interrogation continues

Astute detectives of state intelligence agencies have informed that Sadiq Khan, who was detained from a railway station in Jodhpur on Saturday night, passed important strategic information of Indian troops to his handlers in Pakistan.

The Indian cops are accomplishing challenges after challenges. The team is finding substantial information, uncovering high-risk people to mitigate hazardous chances of terror-attacks.

The suspected ISI agent is being questioned pertaining to the amount and details of information he has shared until date, across the border. “These people were lured by Pakistan for their own means. ISI facilitated their travel to Pakistan so that people like Sadiq Khan could visit their relatives there,” an official said.

Sources have also discovered that Sadiq visited Pakistan thrice and had close ties with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). “We have seized several espionage-related documents from him. Similarly, five phones and several SIM cards were also found in his bag,” sources said.

Sources added that the suspected ISI agent shared espionage details in return for small considerations, “He has relatives in Pakistan, the ISI must have facilitated his stay and travel in that country, to return the favour, he provided them information and details about Indian troops,” an intelligence official said.

He added that, “He was in contact with another Pakistani spy Nandu Maharaj who was arrested by us a few months ago. He is suspected to be a part of the sleeping cell module which operates across western Rajasthan and provides information to their handlers in Pakistan.”

The border intelligence team had kept the suspected under surveillance. He was only detained when he was planning to cross the border on Saturday evening.

“We have revamped our counter-intelligence operations across the state in last six months by focusing on human intelligence network and motivating our officers posted at remote locations,” said DIG, security.

After spotting this terrorist, the possibility of more agents being camouflauged around increases and therefore all the forces have been exhorted to be on high-alert to be able to track-down all alike.

In last six months, the detective tracked down seven suspected ISI agents who allegedly diffused confidential information with their Pakistani team members.



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