International Literacy Day

8th September is observed as International Literacy Day. The theme of this year is Literacy and skill development. In 1966, UNESCO had declared this and it was first observed in 1967. It is celebrated all over the world. India also strongly supports the education. Talking about Indian states, the governments make efforts to build education sector. Rajasthan government also makes efforts for education sector. It is the 52nd International Literacy Day and Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje also extends her greetings on this day.

She tweeted that education leads from dark to light. It is the foundation of life. She further appeals the people of the state that must support the various significant education schemes of the government.

The state of Rajasthan has launched several schemes for improving the literacy rate. In field of education, Raje government has brought various schemes for poor and underprivileged families. Recently, a grand event was hosted by Rajasthan on the occasion of Teachers Day.

Know more about International Literacy Day
The reason behind celebrating this day is to promote the idea of literacy and make everyone educated. It is to promote literacy or formal education not just in children but in adults too. In fact, UNESCO has made a mission to eradicate poverty through education by 2030.