Nyay Aapke Dwar rectified a 5 decade old error

Mangidas a 75 year old man from Bikaner was waiting from past 5 decades to get his name corrected in the land records. Unfortunately, the man died last week but the last and the much awaited good news given to him was that the rectification he wanted for long was heard of finally.

After the death of his father he received the land in Nokha Daiya village near Jaisalmer but his name was then put as Mangnidas. His eldest son Babudas said, “My father tried hard to get it corrected because he wasn’t recognised as a farmer in government records. He was even ineligible for the Kisan credit card because his name did not match the one mentioned on paper.”

It was through the recent session of Nyay Aapke Dwar that his name was corrected and the man died happily.