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Navrtari is one the most celebrated festivals of India. People love to enjoy these nine days. The festival is celebrated to commemorate Maa Durga’s win over the demon Mahishasura. It celebrates victory of dharma over ego and evil. Devotees worship Maa Durga and observe fast for nine days. They enjoy the festival of revering women and her power and courage. To please goddess Durga and her nine forms, people perform dances like garba and dandiya. Garba or Garbo means an earthen pot with circular holes. Garba is performed in circular motions around the idol of Goddess Durga. It is even surprising to know that there exist different forms of Garba. Know about them.

image credit: DforDelhi

Teen Tali Garbo
Beginning with Teen Tali garba, it is basically popular among middle-aged women. As per the name Teen Tali, it is done by clapping thrice.

Garba Hinch
This is one of the amazing garba forms. In this, people get together in a circle, bend forward and clap while moving in circular motion. The people move according to beats. Hence, the beats move faster, the dance also becomes fast.

Dodhiya is another form of Garba. It is tough and involves a grace and technique. In this Garba form, people dance four steps forward and two steps backward.

It is enthralling to see the people of all age group dancing together. At garba nights, people love to wear traditional dresses. Talking about garba, it is originated from Sanskrit word ‘Garbhdeep’.