State Bids a Melancholic Farewell to Nagrota Martyr Raghvendra Parihar in Dholpur

CM Vasundhara Raje joined Martyr's family in a Sorrowful Moment...

CM Vasundhara Raje joined Martyr’s family in a Sorrowful Moment…

CM Vasundhara Raje joined Martyr’s family in a Sorrowful Moment…

A huge throng of army personnel, villagers, acquaintances and politicians, including Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje gathered in the grief stricken village of Gadi Jaffar, Rajakheda, as Nagrota Martyr Raghvendra Parihar was laid to rest for an eternity. People amassed to pay their tributes to the departed soul of martyr Raghvendra Parihar, who lost his precious life while fighting terrorists in Nagrota, Jammu Kashmir. The martyr was cremated in a local crematorium on December 1, Thursday.

Wounded Motherland Calls for Help as Several Sons Lose their Lives One by One…

Grenadier Raghvendra and seven other army men, including two officers were martyred in Nagrota terrorist attack on Tuesday (November 29). The said group of terrorists launched attack on Indian military camp early in the morning. Following this tragic attack, the bodies of martyrs were taken from Nagrota to Agra by flight. As Raghvendra’s body, wrapped in tricolour, arrived at his home, melancholy and silence gripped the entire village. Big crowds gathered in their homes to salute the bravery, sacrifice and never-dying spirit of Raghvendra, who laid down his life for his motherland’s safety.

Martyr Raghvendra rests in eternal peace.

Martyr Raghvendra rests in eternal peace.

Nagrota Martyr Raghvendra Parihar was Cremated Yesterday

Yesterday, Raghvendra’s family members along with chief army personnel took his coffin to a local crematory for his last rites. Large number of people where present on the occasion to offer their condolences to his family, Rajasthan CM Raje being one of them. Emotions ran high when Parvendra Singh (Raghvendra’s elder brother), who serves in Rashtriya Rifles swore to avenge his death with tearful eyes.

People couldn’t hold their tears when Raghvendra’s six-month old son lit his pyre. Grief-stricken crowds chanted anti-Pakistan slogans as the martyr’s body consigned to flame. Father Ramgopal Parihar recalled his son’s unconditional love for the motherland. The most sentimental moment since his death was when the deceased’s wife Anju Sikarwar resolved to raise his son as an army man like his father. The last time Raghvendra called his family, he had promised his mother he would return soon. However, the family didn’t expect his arrival in this manner.

As Nagrota Martyr Raghvendra Parihar rests in eternal peace, an important question surfaces in every mind. How long will the army men continue to lose their lives for the sake of our country?

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