To support the farmers and the agricultural sector, the Central government has raised minimum support price (MSP) of 14 kharif crops to one and half times of the cost of production for 2018-19 marketing season. It was promised during 2014 Lok Sabha polls that the farmers would be given a profit margin over their production cost. This is a big step towards increasing income of farmers by year 2022.

This information was given PM Narendra Modi himself. He called it a historic increase of MSP. He tweeted,
“A promise fulfilled!

We are honoured and humbled that we had the opportunity to take a decision on the historic increase of MSP, which will further enhance India’s agricultural transformation.”

Talking about the hike in MSP, it is revealed that seven of these 14 crops have reported hikes of nearly 20% or more if compared to last year. This step would definitely impact the economy of the country.

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Benefits to Rajasthan
As Rajasthan is an agricultural state so the increase in MSP will definitely help farmers. Rajasthan grows coarse grains like ragi, millet and jowar. Hence, the farmers will not face issues even if the harvest is not good or they don’t get appropriate prices for the produce. In fact, ragi, jowar and bajra have got considerable hike as government considered them of high nutritional value. These are less-water-consuming and climate-resilient.

On comparing with the last year, MSP increase of Bajra is by ₹ 525/quintal, Jowar is by ₹ 730/quintal and Ragi is by ₹ 997/quintal.