police informers

With the advancement in technology amenities like CCTV cameras, mobile tracking devices, and other tools have changed the way Police solves crime cases. There used to be a time when the investigation teams had to rely on police informers who would give them vital information about thugs and dons but now times are changing.

Owing to the technological advancement, many new methods have been introduced like tracing call records, ATM/bank transactions, forensics and information retrieved through mobile phones like location, etc.

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The job of an informer is always filled with risk and there are always chances of double cross. Despite all this, informers have often been saving the handlers from any embarrassing headlines by giving out crucial details at the very last moment. There have been times when crime reporters got a new lead and breaking news because of these informers.

However, as the access to modern tools is getting easy, the role of these informers is vanishing. Not just the method of solving the crime but the way crimes are committed has also changed drastically. It has become easier for criminals to murder someone and flee away to a far-off place. Besides, the nature of crimes is also expanding in the form of cybercrime and IT fraud.

Although technology helps in fast-paced crime solving, the same is putting the jobs of informers to the verge of being over. They no longer take many risks and provide the information that they are asked about. Also, the monetary help given to them in return for information is meager.

Despite all this, there are cases of smuggling, gambling, and use of illegal weapons that still require vital information. Police informers, also known as ‘Mukhbirs’, are connected to a wide network and hold details that are impossible to retrieve otherwise. Nonetheless, technology always has positive and negative consequences, which is unavoidable.