Buyers Flock in for Rare Equine Breeds at Barmer’s Mallinath Fair in Tilwara

Malinath Fair in 2015: Credits Nick Mayo

Malinath Fair in 2015: Credits Nick Mayo

Rajasthan’s colorful Mallinath Fair that started at Balotara in Barmer this Friday was an ostentatious display of unique four-legged friends. The fair includes 1,200 sturdy rare camel and 2,500 high-speed horse species that were up for sale. The vibrant fair was inaugurated by Barmer collector Sudhir Sharma, who directed the officers to make proper arrangements for cattle raisers, stall-keepers and on-lookers.

  • White-Colored Malani Breed was the Main attraction

A white-colored Malani breed mare from Jalore was the main attraction of the fair. This tempting horse was priced at Rs 1.25 crore. Other than it, horse, camel and bull raisers from different Indian states like UP, Delhi, MP, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Delhi and Punjab were there to participate in the fair. Collector Sharma directed the fair organizers to arrange proper feed and water facilities for the cattle.

  • Animal Competitions on Sunday

This Sunday, several competitions were arranged for animals, wherein the winners were awarded with cash prizes. Some of the best breeds will be sold at higher prices.

According to district officers, several years ago, many bull raisers arrived with their cattle to the fair every year. Gradually, lack of enthusiasm caused them to deflect away and the number of participating animals gradually declined. But, this year, the fair organizers are predicting that around 2,500 animals will participate in the fair.

The 15-day fair features 200 cultural stalls put up by natives, local animal raises and artists. The district administration will take care of adequate water and electricity arrangements.

As per the new laws laid by the high court, all participating cattle raisers will have to bring an ID, a copy of their Jamabandi and relevant documents related to their agriculture land. They’ve to tag their cattle with identification tags for sale/purchase. Additionally, they’ll be expected to produce an affidavit of the cattle certifying its good health, milk production capacity and agricultural potential.

Considering the solid arrangements made by Barmer district administration, this year’s Mallinath Fair is believed to be bigger, better and more colorful than ever!

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