LeZgo smartphone app soon to be launched in Jhalawar

In a bid to enrich the experience of tourists visiting the historic places of Rajasthan, the government has launched a mobile application. This mobile application named LeZgo acts as a one stop solution for tourism needs.

This app LeZgo, introduced by CM Vasundhara Raje Ji, provides updated and authentic information on the tourist places. Soon the Jhalawar district administration will launch this app providing information about the spots like Gagron Fort, Sun Temple, Atishaya Temple, Buddhist caves of Kolvi and Vinayaka, Government Museum, Bhawani Natyashala and other famous tourist sites of Jhalawar.  Pictures, audio and video streams, cultural stories and historical backgrounds are among other contents provided by this application.

LeZgo will help present the Jhalawar district and other districts including Ajmer, Pushkar, Bharatpur, Dholpur and Barmer in Rajasthan in all its glory both to the domestic and foreign visitors. Tourism in these districts would increase multifold with this digital platform.

The app is designed by Bengaluru- based Sohamsaa Systems. The app works on the iBecons and internet of Things (IoT) TECHNOLOGY. IoT is a device which is installed at tourist’s points and provides information to the tourists having the app on their smart phones.  When the user comes in the range of the IoT device, the contents of the app are downloaded automatically.  The app users do not need any guide as they receive the most authentic content related to the monument or the place.

Currently, the app is on a trial run and will be soon launched in Jhalawar. At present, the information is available in English. Soon a language converter option will also be added in the app.

This is a great initiative and an attempt to empower people with knowledge, instant connectivity, boosting public services and to provide a platform for information sharing as well as receive productive feedback for the overall betterment of the state.

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