Rahul Gandhi to farmers- "Raje is not giving the actual MSP to you *wink*'

It seems that the Congress’ National President Rahul Gandhi is in the habit of telling baseless lies these days. RaGa is campaigning country-wide ahead of elections in most states. It is known that Rahul Gandhi has nothing more than the “Rafale deal” to throw allegations on the central BJP government. But during his rally in Rajasthan, he came up with this new apparatus to dig new lies i.e. Minimum Support Price (MSP).

Lie Rahul tell: Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP government is not giving farmers the actual MSP for their crops. He did not talk about any fact or data for this statement.

Rahul Gandhi to farmers- “Raje government is not giving the actual MSP to you *wink*”

The truth speaks itself: Conversely, in the state, farmers are getting the highest MSP ever given to them by the previous Congress government. During the tenure of the present government of Rajasthan, record procurement has been done by registering a record number of farmers through a transparent & accessible process.


Record procurement of various crops

In the last 4 and a half years, the government has procured 34.64 Lakh metric tons of agricultural products worth more than Rs 11, 466 Cr.

To give relief to the farmers of Hadauti and other garlic producing areas in Rajasthan RAJFED undertaken a record procurement of 90580 MT garlic. This procurement was worth Rs 295.02Cr from 13th April – 30th June 2018. The produce was purchased at a remunerative price of Rs. 3257/ quintals from farmers.

For the convenience of farmers, RAJFED operated more than 30 procurement centers in State. In a bid to ensure transparency, procurement was done online through NAFED portal. Additionally, the federation transferred the remuneration to farmers directly into their bank accounts.

This garlic procurement exercise caused a loss of about Rs. 260Cr to State Government, but benefitted 25,017 farmers of Rajasthan. This was a historic procurement of Garlic not only in the State but all over the country.

The current government has also increased the storage capacity to 10 Lakh metric tons with 93 godowns.

 Concluding lie detector test of Rahul Gandhi, there are some tit-bit facts that the previous government had not even procured moong, soya, and mustard. In spite of the fact that these Rajasthan farmers vastly cultivate these crops. Farmers had to dump their crops when the Congress did procure them. Hence our lie-o-meter indicates the lie at 100%.

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